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The IntelleXual Podcast

The IntelleXual Podcast is a series of casual conversations with creatives hosted by award winning filmmakers David S. Dawson, Whitney Wegman, Steve Schwartz and Mark Atkinson. They are frequently joined by their talented colleagues at IntelleXual Entertainment as well as creatives from the film, music, writing and visual arts in San Diego and Hollywood. 

Oct 29, 2014

David and Robin have returned from Vegas. JJ joins them on the 65th episode of the podcast where the estrogen flows freely and the B.O. from Vegas lingers.

Oct 24, 2014

David is joined by his friend Robin. Her science mind was disappointed that our episode #ebolasucks didn't actually cover ebola. We rectify the situation tonight. We also talk about another disturbing thing, the film "Gone Girl."

Oct 14, 2014

Comedian/Musician Mark Eddie joins the podcast and talks about growing up in Ohio, finding his comedic groove and serenades us with his awesomeness. Mark is a true rock and roll musician with a great sense of humor. He's played with his idols KISS and many rock legends and icons. Robby Krieger of THE DOORS said of Mark,...

Oct 7, 2014

Megan Hayes joins the podcast for the third time! (4th episode technically!) Megan guests tonight on Sleepy Hollow so naturally we talk about her completely awkward encounter with the dreamy Tom Mison. It's a fantastically funny podcast with one of our favorite actors in Hollywood! Don't miss it!


Oct 1, 2014

Political Comedian Jimmy Dore (The Jimmy Dore Show, "Your Country Is Just Not That Into You") sits down with David, Carla and JJ and talks politics, the humor of it all and the nasty nature of Wall Street and Washington being in bed together.


Jimmy Dore's book: Your Country...