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The IntelleXual Podcast

The IntelleXual Podcast is a series of casual conversations with creatives hosted by award winning filmmakers David S. Dawson, Whitney Wegman, Steve Schwartz and Mark Atkinson. They are frequently joined by their talented colleagues at IntelleXual Entertainment as well as creatives from the film, music, writing and visual arts in San Diego and Hollywood. 

Dec 27, 2017

The IntelleXuals, David S. Dawson, Whitney Wegman, Mark Atkinson and Steve Schwartz gather together for a 2017 recap!

Dec 14, 2017

Makeup artist John Aviles joins the show and talks with David about his artistry, the San Diego filmmaking scene and more.

Dec 6, 2017

Make-Up artist and all around lovely person Phoenix Webb sits down with David to talk about all sorts of stuff!

Nov 16, 2017

Micah Minor returns to the podcast. David and Mark catch up with Micah and get the details on his adventures in Los Angeles, what he's been up to since he returned, and collectively the three of them talk about how they want to start focusing on making better films.

Nov 11, 2017

Matt Sivertson and Caroline Amiguet join David and Whitney on the podcast to talk about the multi-year journey of creating Matt's directorial feature film debut, Love All You Have Left. A film inspired by the music, In the Aeroplane Over the Sea by Neutral Milk Hotel. Love All You Have Left is about Juliette...