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The IntelleXual Podcast

The IntelleXual Podcast is a series of casual conversations with creatives hosted by award winning filmmakers David S. Dawson, Whitney Wegman, Steve Schwartz and Mark Atkinson. They are frequently joined by their talented colleagues at IntelleXual Entertainment as well as creatives from the film, music, writing and visual arts in San Diego and Hollywood. 

Mar 19, 2015

Fernando "Jay" Huerto of Jabronie Pictures joins the podcast to discuss making action films in San Diego, traveling around the world to work with other stunt people, and how Jackie Chan inspired it all. David, Bryan and Steve are in the studio with Jay and Mark joins in via Skype all the way from Thailand!




David S. Dawson
Bryan Keith Davis
Steve Schwartz
Mark Atkinson


Jabronie on YouTube
Jabronie Pictures Website