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The IntelleXual Podcast

The IntelleXual Podcast is a series of casual conversations with creatives hosted by award winning filmmakers David S. Dawson, Whitney Wegman, Steve Schwartz and Mark Atkinson. They are frequently joined by their talented colleagues at IntelleXual Entertainment as well as creatives from the film, music, writing and visual arts in San Diego and Hollywood. 

Nov 30, 2016

Today's guests: indi Film Project's Chris Pegut and Markus and Robert Anderson

From indi Film Project: The last year has all been about living out our the dream of making a living in entertainment. We didn’t know where to start, and the three of us at iFP are all from out of town. We wanted to earn a living as freelance artists and absolutely hated our miserable, meaningless jobs, working years for other people, toiling away at menial tasks and wishing we were doing something we loved. So a year ago, we all left the employ of our shitty bosses to create things in our minds that come alive on your screens. It’s been a long road littered with too much pro bono work, failed attempts to get into the wedding video business, virtual reality filmmaking, real estate video tours, music videos (scratching my head cause I know we’ve failed at a few more endeavors ...) and yet every time we get to a dead end, we change direction and try something new. And we’re glad those other opportunities didn’t work out, because it led us to write a pilot episode of For The Win.


David S. Dawson (@TheIntelleXual)
Whitney Wegman (@WhitneyWegman)